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Partnering Leadership

Inclusion only works if there is a commitment at the very top. We provide expertise and coaching to the C-suite as well as HR & D&I functions in order to articulate and commit to a clear vision.

Strategy & Delivery

We have a range of tools (think research, audits, surveys) at our disposal to help us understand where you are on your inclusion journey and help you decide where you want to be

We use a combination of design thinking and psychology to create sustained change and positive impact, no matter where you are on your journey.
Leadership & Vision

We'll help you paint a vibrant picture of what inclusion means for you and your business. In practice, we provide expertise and coaching to the C-Suite as well as HR and D&I functions to articulate and commit to a clear vision that gets you excited.

Strategy & Delivery

Clarity and focus get the job done. We can help you design your inclusion strategy and build out a roadmap that's connected to your goals - focusing your precious resources and energy to create lasting, positive change. Everyone wins!


We get 'under the skin' of your business to give you fresh insights with a range of tools at our disposal (think research, audits, surveys) to help you understand where you are on your inclusion journey and decide where you want to be.

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Stories make us feel #emosh and are the way to win hearts and minds; they form a fundamental part of our approach.
Internal Communications

We know how to build content and campaigns that support your inclusion strategy, and importantly inspire and engage your people to work differently. Plus we know how to get to these stories and present them in an authentic way because of our own identities snd experiences to date.

Speaking & Events

Conversations matter, especially when they tackle the hard stuff and encourage self reflection. We pride ourselves on bringing fresh takes to stale subjects, so let's talk! 

We do all sorts, including: keynote speaking, panel discussions, group facilitation and podcasts.

Making Content

What makes us different is that we create bold content shaped by our lived experiences, as well as our popular Life Stories series celebrating amazing role models in the community.

Hit us up if you'd like to: commission a written piece, work on a collaboration or simply want to be featured in the next Life Story.

We're fascinated by inclusion as it's an ever expanding subject, and we share our expertise in an engaging way that strengthens organisations and empowers people.

We keep it real with our workshops that explain what inclusion is and offer practical tips on making it a reality through shaping the external environment. Plus they're fun! 

Our colourOUT workshops include topics such as LGBTQ inclusion, BAME/PoC inclusion, intersectionality and allyship


We understand the barriers that hold underrepresented groups back, having had to smash through them ourselves. Certain skills help us push through these barriers faster and enable us to reach our potential.

Our colourIN workshops include topics such as confidence, find your voice, building networks and handling tricky stuff


Coaching is powerful. Especially when you work with someone who has walked down the very path you're trying to navigate and understands your experiences.

We offer coaching for leaders who wish to build inclusive teams as well as for LGBTQ and/or BAME talent as part of their ongoing development.

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Our Promise

It might sound easy and cheesy to say, but our values really do guide us.

They help us make the right decisions as well as figuring out when to say no.

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Dig Deep


Positive Impact

We don’t give up easily. We uncover those hard to find (and oh-so-precious) insights which have the power to reimagine the world, break down barriers and win hearts and minds.

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Always Candid

We tell the truth. Always with respect, positive intent and compassion - even when it’s uncomfortable. And we want it too because honesty is the foundation for change.

We leave things better. We’re ambitious about the type of societal shifts we want to see; empowerment sits at the heart of what we do, enabling organisations and people to succeed.


Original Thinking

We challenge ourselves. We look beyond common knowledge to tap into lived experiences that provide new perspectives, reframe challenges and pragmatic solutions that work.

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